The 17 objectives, principles, or whatever they want to call them, they put to us in little colored squares as if we were babies who must learn their principles, is childish, like a Miss Universe contest.

Look at the chart and tell me what’s missing.

Don’t you see it?

What’s missing is the essential, what defines democracies, what sets apart left-wing sycophants, theocratic regimes, China’s great power, all in one side, and our Western civilization in the other.

It’s striking that after 40 years of democracy, in Spain, we still don’t know what’s important. It’s striking that the “zurdos” (a beautiful Argentine expression to define socialists and those beyond to the left) who fought so hard for it, give themselves up to this new cause composed of 17 objectives and stablished by global elites.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m just asking you all, some questions that are one, who voted for this, who opined this, where did all of this come from, who did they ask?

The answer is clear, and unless you tell me and prove otherwise, NO ONE.

The UN states:

The 17 Goals of the Agenda were developed over more than two years of public consultations, interaction with civil society, and negotiations between countries.

“And pigs might fly! Unless I’m the only one they didn’t ask, this is a lie. And it’s simply a lie because in the world, according to the latest “The Economist” index, which is the 2021 one, the result is that there are only 21 full democracies, 53 flawed democracies, 34 hybrid or anocratic regimes, and 59 authoritarian ones. That is to say, in more than half of the world, you cannot ask freely, so there is no consultancy; and only 45% enjoy some kind of democracy that allow consultancy.

I think we have arrived at the key point of what I have been exposing. Do you already know what is missing from those 17 objectives? If you tell me no, it’s clear why Spain is an imperfect democracy, because we still haven’t understood what the key to democracy is.

Let’s admit that the 2030 agenda is not authoritarianism, but you will grant me that it is pure and simple anocracy. I don’t say this because it touches us in the privates, but because it has a strange, incoherent, and difficult mixture of democratic procedures and authoritarian procedures; the supposed democracy of the UN, and the various democratic signatory countries’ mechanisms (45%) and the authoritarianism that emanates from institutions that have asked no one but their sponsors – being generous – and that act outside of citizenship, and non-democratic countries (55%).

So, to the point, the 2030 agenda mentions everything but the important thing, and you know what the important thing is, FREEDOM without which there is nothing, no justice, no social peace, no education, no equality, none of the 17 aspirations in the little chart.

And freedom is just a hope for that almost 65% of the population that does not enjoy democratic regimes but is subjected to dictators, clerics, and all other kinds of sycophants who have participated in the design of this childish chart that keeps us all entertained.

Meanwhile, they dedicate themselves to what’s important, some – their sponsors – to making their money, others – politicians – to achieving their perks, and all to exercising authoritarian power with the excuse of achieving what every Miss Universe aspirant has proclaimed every time they are handed a microphone, peace in the world and ending hunger.

And, since neither one nor the other is possible (in reality, none of the 17 good objectives of the 2030 Agenda is possible), these objectives become the perfect excuse to impose their wishes and designs on the population, to impose a myriad of measures for their own benefit. Do you not believe me? Read this: